Ghost Lion Jacket


Protect yourself from hurricanes and tornadoes with this Ghost Lion Jacket from Champion. Not really but at least you’ll look amazing when walking steadily from your car to the grocery in previously mentioned storm to buy the last roll of toilet paper (and spinach) because you were so busy getting your body right.

This jacket is wind and rain resistant to protect your chiseled frame from rust. Will not protect you from debris or an ass whooping so please tread lightly. Practical hood hides your facial pain from leg day. Front kangaroo pocket keeps hands dry in case you’re called upon to perform a rear naked choke on a bad person. Finally, a zipped pouch pocket which you can pull out and use to scrunch the jacket into for covert storage in case you are recognized as the guy on the news that stopped a robbery during the storm. Heroes do need privacy.

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Ghost Lion Jacket
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